Support Services

The club pairs up an experienced mother of multiples with a new, expectant member. The stork mom provides phone and/or email support to the expectant member and is also the contact liason for the club. She also gives advice on multiple pregnancy and parenting and answers any questions the expectant mom may have. The stork mom informs of our services (e.g. coupons, formula, meals, etc.) and would be the person to contact to announce the birth of your twins.

Delicious meals are provided to members by fellow members who have just delivered their multiples and can also be provided to those members who are in need because of other difficult situations (such as hospitalization). Expectant members can inform their stork moms when they would like to start their meals (either right after delivery or later when their initial help leaves).  The club usually provides two meals for twin births and three meals for triplet births.

Implemented in the fall of 2009, WCMOTC's Babysitting Exchange program has been a huge success. Members who enroll in this program have the opportunity to earn free babysitting hours by helping fellow club members, too.  Who better to babysit for your multiples than other parents of multiples? This, alone, is worth the cost of club membership!

Got a question about something you or one of your twins is experiencing? Chances are there is someone else who has had a similar experience and is willing to offer advice and encouragement. Many of our club members are available to help!

For me (support services), under Stork Moms I would say that a Stork Mom provides phone and/or email support since I know a lot of people do one or the other or both. 

For Meals, I would try to explain that the meals are provided by fellow members to 
the families...I think if I was a new member and read that I would totally get a happy feeling knowing a fellow member would be volunteering to do that for me.

Other than that, I think the only thing we might want to do is say "multiples" instead of "twins" when we can?