Let's help Drew! 

Will County Mothers of Twins Club is happy to support one of our own members, who was selected as the Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club's Philanthropic recipient for 2014-15. Throughout the coming year, we are helping to raise much-needed funds for Drew's medical needs. Below is a letter from Drew's family, along with information about how you can help.

Almost 5 years ago we were blessed with our twins Drew and Abby. As some of you might know, our son Drew was
diagnosed with a rare kidney and liver disorder at 3 weeks old. He has Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease/
Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis (ARPKD/CHF). We have been fortunate that Drew has already beaten the odds as a
majority of babies with this condition do not survive infancy. Although he's done well, he requires multiple medications
to control high blood pressure, liver function, anemia, vitamin deficiencies and potassium excess. In the past few
months his kidney function declined which is very concerning and upsetting. Other than his large belly, to see him you
would never know that he is medically fragile. To learn more about Drew please visit his web page – http://

There is no cure today. The only treatment is a kidney transplant. The doctors estimate that Drew will need a new kidney
in 2-6 months. He has been listed on the Kidney Transplant list with the National Organ Donor Network for a deceased
donor. We have been advised, however, the best chance for a successful and long lasting transplant, is to find a living
donor. Kidneys from living donors last, on average, twice as long as kidneys from deceased donors. Also, due to Drew’s
size, he needs both kidneys removed in a surgery prior to transplant, so having a living donor will help allow planning
these two surgeries to occur within a short period of time. We are actively searching for a living Kidney Donor for the
next month or so, and if we do not find one, we will proceed with a deceased donor plan.

Don and I are not a match, so are unable to donate a kidney to Drew. It is hard for us to ask, but one look into his
sparkling eyes and smiling face makes us realize we need to do what ever it takes to make sure he gets the best care

Drew needs a kidney from a healthy adult who is O blood type. This person should be under 50 years old with no
medical problems and willing to travel to Milwaukee for the surgery. If you, or someone you know, has ever thought
about being a living organ donor and want to be considered to help Drew, please call the donor coordinator at
Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee at 414-805-0310. If you have questions about organ donation, the following two
websites have information about living kidney donation: and

Drew has a Facebook page now! You can find the page for Team Super Drew at:
Team-Super-Drew/303409263190397. It currently has 290 likes, it would be great to get over 300. Please head on over
to Team Super Drew, click *Like*, and learn about Drew. Then please consider sharing it with your loved ones so that we
can spread the word about Drew!

Thank you so much,

Don, Pam, Abby and Drew 

UPDATE: WCMOTC and members of IOMOTC raised over $15,000 since October 2014 to be used for expenses associated with Drew's transplant and medical needs. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! 

On December 14, 2015, Drew received the most amazing gift of all.... a new kidney! A living donor stepped up the plate and was a perfect match! Drew and his donor came through surgery and recovery with flying colors. Drew is a true Super Hero and enjoying a healthy start to 2016. Thank you for all your support!

For more information about Drew, please visit:

Please keep checking back for activities and fundraisers throughout 2015 that will benefit families in need.

Thanks for your support!